Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Perspectives... and A New World Speed Record!!!

I got really frustrated yesterday, which doesn't happen often. I'm usually the optimist, in just about any situation, however yesterday I caught myself yelling and cursing and otherwise expending totally worthless energy... Pointless, really! After the sesh, I spent a good bit of time focusing on the good moments, while chowing on some peanut butter and crackers, and drinking about a half gallon of water. After I derigged (and, more importantly, digested), I was a whole new man! In retrospect, I realized that I had sailed for over 2, if not 3 hours straight, I didn't stop and rest once, I was totally overdressed in the 65 degree air, and I hadn't stretched at all... So basically, I got dehydrated, and didn't physically prepare for a rather grueling session, so I sailed poorly, and got frustrated....

What can I learn from this? Next time things don't feel quite right, I'm going to stop, smoke a "mental cigarette," and get a drink of water. Taking 10 minutes out and re-aligning your mental focus can make a huge difference in the grand scheme of things. At least this instance of frustration was due to a windsurfing session, and not something actually important in life! Next time something is bogging me down, hopefully I'll remember this lesson!

Billy on a nice one!
So, yesterday's session was up by Oregon Inlet, in a warm, moderate south wind. The waves were mostly waist high, with the occasional bigger set, and rolling up the beach, setting up some potentially really long rides! Billy said he caught one that was at least 5 or 6 top turns!! Not me, that's for sure! I couldn't seem to make anything happen... Don't get me wrong, it had it's moments, and it sure was a heck of a lot more fun than going to work!! Billy, Bill, Caleb, Stuart and I were in attendance, as were Bill's parents (I think), who shot some video! Bill is editing the video of the day, so be sure to check out the clips (of me flailing, and everyone else ripping) when he posts them here!

Caleb and Billy schlog out through an approaching set:
This morning's forecast was spot on, with strong WSW winds that faded faster than Brittany Spears' public image! Stuart, Mark and I caught a few minutes of fun at the Hole, but called it a day by 8:30 am as the wind dropped. It was good to get wet, and I got a chance to rinse yesterday's sand off my 5.0!

Mark rips by in the fading wind:
In other major news: Antoine Albeau has broken the outright world speed sailing record at the ditch in France!! He used a custom speed board and a 4.8 square meter sail to hold an average speed of 49.09 knots over a 500 meter course!!!! That's 56.49 mph, 90.91 km/h, or 82.85 feet/sec for all you non-nautical types out there! Basically, jump on the highway and drive the posted speed limit, and then imagine going that fast under the power of a sail that you hold with your hands... Incredible! Congrats to Albeau, Patrik Diethelm (46.57 knots, Italian and Production board records), and Farrel O'Shea (44.46 knots, UK record)!! Very impressive stuff!

Looks like they're forecasting more record breaking wind tomorrow (Thursday) in France, follow the live ticker of the event, and get more info on Albeau's record here!


Mac said...

"smoke a mental cigarette" - words to live by for sure.

I didn't see any white caps on the water in the pics....doesn't look windy at all but you guys look like you're on wave boards (not SUPs). Is that the case for south winds at that spot? Does the island act as a little bit of a wind shadow in that direction so its actually windier than it looks?

Awesome about Albeau!

Andy said...

Hey Mac! I just checked the Iwindsurf archives, and the Oregon Inlet meter was reading about 15-22 all afternoon, so it wasn't that windy to begin with. The dunes are really tall there, and the sandbar was pretty much right up on the beach, so unless you caught a gust there was generally no wind on the inside. Couple that with 5 knots of current ripping you down the beach... There was enough wind to get moving on the outside, but in the impact zone you could have been on a formula board and 12 meter sail and still been underpowered! Had I brought my SUP, I definitely would have sailed it, but we were expecting some pretty major winds so I left it at home... Whoops! Even though the wave was halfway decent, I don't know that I'll ever go windsurf a south wind there again (unless the dunes blow away)!

I agree about Albeau! The commentary on is really pretty cool! If you're awake early am Thursday, go check out the live event ticker! You almost feel like you're there, waiting for someone to break 50 knots!

EC said...

50 Knots today?