Thursday, February 5, 2009

Picture Fest!

Man, Hatteras cranks in the winter... If you can deal with the cold, you're pretty much guaranteed some gnarly conditions. Sailed 4.2 again yesterday, lit up. I had been reading some shoveit suggestions Mike Burns had made on rec.windsurfing so I decided to give them a good whole hearted attempt. They made my abs hurt, but Mike's suggestions helped the progress a lot! Thanks for the tips dude!

It was windy again this morning, but I was running around dealing with frozen pipe issues (don't worry, not yours, Corey, or yours, MNOP)... So no water time for me today, but I did run down to Buxton just in time to see some guys catch some great waves. That water is cold- the sea surface temperature imagery has it pegged right about 40F. And the air was a balmy 25F... These guys were killin' it out there!! Anyway, enjoy the pics.

Long, workable lefts

A few closeouts

His wetsuit isn't normally blue, it was just really cold.

Take it easy? Nah...

#11 in a 15 photo sequence!

And, to keep you windurfing hyenas satiated, Pam Bailey sent a few pictures over, some more from that Marathon Ego Beach sesh last week! Nice work, Pam, thanks for shooting and sharing!

I'm getting ready for LoopFest 2009!

And Wavefest 2009 too!


Keith, all tied up


Lane's Gouge


Lane drawing lines

Thanks for the pics, Pam!!

Looks like it's going to warm up next week! Hope to see y'all out there!

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George Markopoulos said...

kills me that you guys are in the ocean w/no gloves or hat!