Monday, February 25, 2008

Stand Up Surf Extravaganza!

Lots of great waves this afternoon, light breeze, crystal clear water, and blue skies! What a beautiful day! Drew, Stuart and I hit up ramp 34 for an afternoon of board swapping, although the SUP was the tool of choice on the weaker waves.

Stuart on a nice rightDrew drops in late
There were lots of curious dolphin in the water today, too! The vantage point from a SUP is amazing, especially when the water is so clear. Pods of dolphin were swimming up to, surfacing next to, and diving under us all afternoon. I almost got mowed over by a few set waves because I was too busy looking down at all the action underwater, rather than the horizon!

Drew bails on a closeoutMe, attempting to hit a lip and redirect to the right... miserable failure 1 second later!!
Drew lining himself up
All in all a great afternoon on the beach! Looks like we're in store for a few days of cranking winds, so come on down, or at least keep an eye open for a report in the next day or two!


badneck said...

one vote for world sails...hummm I wonder who that could be. I think your the only person that looks on my blog haha

Andy said...

First one wasn't me, but now there's two votes!!