Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Point, and a Summer Video!

What started as a pretty slow, lame sesh this afternoon, quickly became really fun as the wind and waves built! Billy E and I rigged for a schlog, he on a 5.2, I rigged my 5.7, and after about an hour of puttering around and catching a few decent waves, the wind finally started to boost up a bit. As soon as the wind built, the waves built as well, and we ended up having a great time! My big board turns like a Mack Truck, but it planes up super early and jumps like a 6 year old kid on Red Bull... So I only had a few fun waves, but a lot of big jumps, considering how marginal the conditions were!

Billy on a wall!
Billy Cutback

The dolphin were out in serious numbers this afternoon! They weren't skittish, either, as they were surfacing, blowing smoke, and even jumping the same waves we were riding, as close as just a few feet away! Sometimes it's very difficult to tell if they are just curious and playful, or if they are being territorial... More than ever, this afternoon seemed a little sketchy... But all's well that ends well, and nobody got thwacked by a tail or anything crazy like that!

I also had some time to throw together some video clips I had laying around from last summer! I had tried a mast mount while cruising around at the hole, it's a little bouncy, but I think there's some cool clips! I linked the same video from you tube at the bottom of the blog... So, Enjoy!


outdrsmn said...

Cool Video. Nice song selection.

Catapulting Aaron said...

Great video!

Anonymous said...

upload that video you made of dana skatesailn,that was hilarious...Caleb