Saturday, April 5, 2008

South Point SUP Test!

The Drewski and I made the most of a pretty bleak evening by testing out a few new SUPs! We paddled out at ramp 34, into the fog and drizzling rain, to see just how well the South Point Kalama 11'6" and Bonga Perkins 10' SUPs paddled. Drew took the Kalama, I tried out the Bonga. Conditions were far from appropriate for testing, but we had fun and learned a few things anyway. All pics by Anne (thanks for hanging out in the rain!!)

The Sticks:There were some solid nuggets out there!
My 2 cents on the Bonga:

This board Rips! It's amazing how much a 10' board can feel like a 6'2" pin tail potato chip! Lay this thing on rail and it cranks right around! The step deck keeps the rails thin (and trust-able), but forces your feet into a pretty narrow stance. The slightly choppy conditions were challenging at first, but within 20 minutes I had the board dialed in. I wouldn't recommend this board to beginners, but anyone with a year or two under their belt, looking for a solid ripper stick will love this thing. Anyone under 140 lbs would probably be fine on it, as well, even as a beginner board.

Dropping in!Paddle battle! (I won) :)
Drew's 2 cents on the Kalama:

Well, he's not here, so I'll make an impression for him! Drew's only had a few SUP sessions in the past, but he hopped on this thing and took right off! Looking solid from the start, he caught a good handful of waves, even claiming the ride of the day. The board looked stable, controllable, easy to handle, easy to catch waves on. But don't get me wrong, I also saw a chunk or two of spray flying off the lip! Accessible performance is the name of the game with the Kalama model! Looks like a great all around board, I can't wait to hop on it next time!

Drew Rocks a Soul Arch!Drew keeps it low and solid!
We've got both of these boards in demo, so if you want to try either of them out, swing on by the shop and pick 'em up!


PeconicPuffin said...

Looks like tremendous fun. What do you think a never-been-on-a-surfboard type should start out with?

Drew said...

If you want my 2 cents I'd say get on the 11'6" first because it's more stable. If you can windsurf, particularly in the waves, I don't imagine you'll have too much trouble adapting. Like anything new there's a learning curve but if you already understand the basics of wave riding you just have to adjust to using the paddle and a different stance than you're used to on a windsurfer or a "regular" surfboard!

Andy said...

Hey PP! Drew's got it right, the bigger the better. The Kalama's a great all around SUP. Starboard also has a great selection of SUPS with mast tracks, awesome for multi use! Sailing these things in 5-20 knots is unreal fun! Clean waves and wind under 5, grab the paddle and go... You'll never get skunked again!

A lot of people get wrapped up in the performance mind set, thinking that smaller boards will rip harder. Just like 65 liter waveboards on the east coast, yeah they rip, but you'll never use them... Bigger boards are way easier to use, and tear up waves just fine. Go big or go home!