Thursday, July 2, 2009

Threading Your Downhaul Line


Properly threading your downhaul line reduces line wear, and, more importantly, keeps people like me from constantly bugging you while you rig. Check out the proper method:

Threading The Downhaul Line from Andy McKinney on Vimeo.

"Bueller?... Bueller??... Bueller???... Anyone?... Anyone?..."


Aaron said...

The huge jump between the wrong and correct way was a nice touch!

cammar said...

How long will it take for the extension manufacturers to figure out that the pulleys should be oriented like the pulleys on the sail?!?
The Hot Sails Maui american double pin extensions have them like that and I don't have to burn my limited brain resources to remember your techinique... but thank you anyway!
Once in a while it still happens that I have to use someone else's extension and it's good to know the proper technique.

ned crossley said...

Thanks Andy, Tinho Dornellas has something quite similar if not the exact same on his Calema web page. Keep up the good work.

James Douglass said...

Yes! Nice video. It also bugs me when I see people who don't do this right. Do you mind if I link this video on my blog?

Andy said...

Had to keep you awake, Aaron! I didn't want you falling asleep and drooling on your keyboard...

Hey Cammar, I get confused when I use the extensions with aligned pulleys... I guess you get used to whatever you have... Now some of the sail makers have switched their pulleys, so we can get equally confused on both ends!

Hey Ned, cool, thanks for the Tinho tip. I got an email linking me to the Sailworks site, also, with a similar clip.

Link away James! No need to ask, but thanks : )