Saturday, June 27, 2009

Ocean Sailing Video

Still buzzing from that swell... Which is Still Lingering... Sweet...

Anyway- I put together a short vid from 2 different ocean sailing sessions last week. The first one was powered 5.0 in nonexistent surf, the second one was barely schloggable 5.7 in head high surf. Both were really fun :) Enjoy!

2 Ocean Sessions from Andy McKinney on Vimeo.

Stuart, Anne and I showed up at the beach last night just in time to rig up and then hear some thunder... Doh! So we did a "Lightning Fast" de-rig, got back in the truck, and got the heck off the beach! The sailing looked pretty fun, but it certainly wasn't worth getting electrocuted for ;) Ken and Bill said it was pretty sweet for about an hour or two.

Check out that sky! We ended up getting quite a light show, but from the safety of our house...

Looks like a few lightwind days approaching... But keep your eye on those weather charts- Dare I say it... (Bermuda High?!)


George Markopoulos said...

wind or no wind, any day of sailing is an awesome day of sailing

Anonymous said...

The new camera angle is great. I can see the shape of the water and get an idea about your moves. Can't wait to try the Kode! See you this weekend on the water.