Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunday Update

Man it's been fun the last few days! Frisco George, Mark S, Loopee and I got in some fun (but gusty) 5.0 on Friday afternoon. The air was warm, but the water was cold so we were all dressed like it was -20... haha... FG called the water "refreshing." I was certainly getting my fair share of dunks, as I was working pretty hard on the grubbys in the semi choppy water. Loopee gave me a great tip that helped with the initiation- keep the sail back a bit when you pop. It seemed to help me get around the first half of the rotation without getting off balance from too much sail power. Thanks, Loopee!!

Beyond the odd hour or two of sailing, there have been some super fun waves!! Yesterday morning, I had this peak all to myself, even though I had called a bunch of friends and said "Let's Go!!" Winter time in Hatteras... Where else in the world are you looking for more people to surf with?!?! Anne came out to the beach and snapped a few pictures off (Thanks, Anne!!!)

Easy drops

Workable shoulders

The lefts were walling up nicely

That board I'm riding is a 5'8" Magic Fish by Walden. It's honestly like cheating, it's so easy, forgiving, and fun to ride. I love it, especially when the water's cold and I'm wearing a lot of neoprene because it's got tons of float and catches waves super easily. Good stuff! Check out HIB if you want one of your own!

And, since I've been letting you down on the local windsurf media lately, check out Andre Paskowski's sick new movie "Road Trip"

And, take another look at "2 for 10," which Andre made earlier this year. If these movies don't make you want to go windsurfing, I don't know what will (except maybe some Cabo Verde footage)

Hey- I just realized that I've been at this whole blogging thing for over a year now! Time flies... Anyway, I encourage you to browse through some of the past posts using the archives in the lower right hand column- there are some real gems in there. And, if you're thinking of coming to Hatteras, I encourage you to check out the month's postings for a look at the kind of conditions you might get while here. Could be useful information, and you might be pleasantly surprised with the "off peak" months' offerings : ) Hope to see you soon!


Anonymous said...

Great looking shots Anne/Andy. I went to that place where the have a camera and surfed with 12 of my closest friends. Wished I woulda talked to you earlier.

George Markopoulos said...

ditto-great photos Anne.
Andy, bet you're stoked bout those rides, and the pics