Saturday, January 10, 2009

Multi-Sport Days

Had a few sick-o multisport days on Thursday and Friday! My friend Dan and I have been on different schedules lately, but we were able to sync up and get out there. He's super fun to hit the water with, mostly because he charges it on his kites and paddles circles around you when surfing. It's pretty hard to keep up with him, which keeps it interesting!

We hit up the Buxton Slicks on Thursday, with MikL and some other dude. I was making my 4.2 work on my Tabou 100 liter Freestyle (which RIPS!!!) while they were on 12m and 9m kites, respectively. The wind kept fading, fading, fading.... So I got a chance to really see how well the board planes up and performs when ridiculously underpowered. Lets just say that I was VERY impressed. I also got the chance to figure out just how shallow the water needs to be for me to catapult with my freestyle fin. It needs to be exactly top-of-the-ankle deep... Got a faceful of nasty mucky silty sand on that one... Yuck!

When the wind Really died, we decided to just walk across the street and surf. We found perfectly peeling rights, about head high in the sets, nicely groomed in the light offshore wind. Literally less than 100 yards away from where we had been tearing up the slicks on our wind gear. I Love Hatteras. I don't even know why I own a vehicle. I could get away with a bicycle and a trailer for all my gear. And my quads would be HUGE!

Look at that right-hander! Yow!!

Same thing yesterday, but different spots. Windsurfed 5.0 in the AM up at Island Creek, until I got kicked out by the maintenance guys. They said some of the houses got broken into, so now the owner of the land won't allow anyone to hang out there. I'm 99.999999999% sure it wasn't a windsurfer who broke into the houses, but I respect the guy's decision. It's really a shame, though, how one person's lame actions can ruin access for everyone.

Last night's moon-rise

Anyway, looks like the wind's coming back up. Should be a killer weekend! See ya out there!


Catapulting Aaron said...

ugh that sucks about island creek... definitely one of the more fun launches around...

Andy said...

Yeah, luckily there's public access like 100 yards to the North, so we can still hit up the flats out there. I should clarify, though, if you're renting the house, you can certainly windsurf there. I was actually trespassing, so, whatever. Glad they didn't arrest me : )