Tuesday, July 8, 2008

4th of July, May and June Wrap-ups

The Fourth of July was classic in 2008! Great SW wind, and a million people made for a really fun day. Anne and I nabbed a lit up 5.0 session at the Hole, dodging and weaving between splashing kids and attempted kayakers in the 25 knot winds. After a quick 45 minute sesh, we ran back to the shop, where we had a great evening of live music, barbecuing, and some beers. The Avon fireworks display gets shot off right across the street at the Pier, so we had a great place to hang out and watch the show. Somehow, a few of the bombs didn't launch, and they blew a big hole in the Pier and caught it on fire! Whoops! Carina's got a video of the carnage here!

Some of the Party Attendees
It's been pretty windy for the last few days, but I must be feeling sick or something, because I haven't felt like sailing... Instead, Anne, Drew and I have been doing these long downwinders on the stand up boards. I have to admit, they've been really fun. The waves haven't been that great, and the wind was pretty lame too, gusting from 10 to 20 some odd mph, so just being out in the ocean on SUPs has seemed like the best way to take advantage of the marginal conditions. It's pretty fun catching little nuggets of open ocean swell, getting some exercise, and its just plain old rejuvenating to be on the water. Can't complain about that!

Here's Anne, last night at the Hole. She and I took turns on my 5.7, and got a great view of the sunset!

Just realized that I forgot to do a May and a June end of month wrap-up... So here are the raw stats:


15 Sessions Windsurfing (5.7 and up x3, 5.0 x6, 4.2 x6, 85 liter board x12, bigger x3)
only 2 Surf sessions ?!?!
14 in a 3/2
3 in trunks


11 sessions windsurfing (5.7 x6, 5.0 x5, 85 liters x7, bigger x4)
again, only 2 surf sessions ?!?!
Every session was in trunks

Bear in mind, I broke my hand on May 16th, and was out of the water until June 15th... So the 1st half of May was insanely windy! And the same could be concluded pertaining to the last half of June!! I know I missed a few 4.2 days, lots of 5.0 days, and two really fun looking swells while I was all casted up... So it's been an awesome few months down here on Cape Hatteras! Come on down and join us for some more!

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Catapulting Aaron said...

You would be the only guy I would trust to get every single female who lives in the outerbanks in one place for a photograph.

Nicely done.