Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Wasted Wind

Hi!  Wow, this weekend was ALL over the place.  We saw south winds, north winds, strong winds, light winds, sunshine and 70s, rain and 50s...  Some of those variations were within a span of minutes!  Regardless, lots of people flocked to Hatteras to go windsurfing, and man did we have fun!  Personally, I got some time on the 2010 World Sail Surge, in a 4.7 and 5.2.  They are feeling super light, very pumpable, and they go neutral very easily, making them a great choice for freestyle.  I've got a few available for demo at the shop if you want to give one a try.

For lack of a better story:  Last night we got hit with a major thunderstorm.  It was gnarly.  The iWindsurf.com wind meter at the Avon Pier recorded a gust of 51 mph!  Wow!  That same gust ripped a piece of the sign off of the roof at the shop.  Luckily, the parking lot below was deserted, since it was 2:30 am.  I'm kinda bummed about that chunk of wasted wind, because:
  1. It was dark out (doesn't always dissuade me from windsurfing)
  2. It was due to a major thunderstorm with tons of lightning (always dissuades me from windsurfing)
  3. It woke me up in the middle of the night, so I then proceeded to oversleep, and missed the 5.2 dawn session
  4. I have a new 3.7, but obviously, that was not a good time to give it a try

Source: iWindsurf.com

Looks like more wind over the next few days, and this weekend.  Don't forget:  ABK Boardsports clinic this weekend, Fri-Sun.  Sign up here.  Anne is taking the clinic, and I'm insanely jealous.  She's probably going to be throwing flakas by Monday...


George Markopoulos said...

hey now, i remember you once saying anything smaller than 4.2 was for girlie men?? ;)

Andy said...

Hahaha, caught me! Guess I'm... *gasp* getting old?!?!

Of course, I still haven't even rigged it to see what it looks like, so time will tell if I ever hit the water on it!

ralph said...

there was a mother of a t-storm our last night there back on the 2nd. it woke me up too since the house was moving.

i sure hope we get some of that S and N wind this weekend... i've got to work on my jibes and short board tacks for wave sailing. whoopee!!