Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Quick Update

Sorry to leave ya hangin' there for a few days, folks... April is busy busy busy with all the regulars in the shop, plus a bunch of family and friends in town... which leaves little time for hitting the water, let alone blogging about it!

So not too much water time for me, except for a little sesh at ramp 34 and the lighthouse a few days ago, and some reeeealllly fun surf yesterday morning! The next few days have some serious potential, too, so I'll try to keep y'all informed! Looks like massive swell (5 meters) and near nuclear winds for Thursday... Yikes!!

In the meantime-
We've got lots of new stuff rolling in at the shop! Check out a few of the new Prydes:

5.7 Neil Pryde Firefly, lots of low end grunt with plenty of maneuverability. $728

4.0 Neil Pryde Combat, bomber construction, soft feel. $711

So, whaddya think? Love the colors or hate 'em?

We've also got a few sizes available in the V8 Helium- Tons of grunt, light weight twin cam freeride. A 7.5 is $898.

Tabou boards have landed!! We'll have a bunch by early next week for you to demo... awww yeah, get on it!!

Also- the Loop Clinic is coming up, Thursday night, 7 PM! This is all about getting you safely and easily around your first attempt... at which point you'll reallize that it's not such a big deal and you'll kick yourself for waiting so long to try one... And your world will be changed forever!!


Catapulting Aaron said...

I like the new prydes, especially that green color. I haven't spent too too much time on them, but I think I'm more of a combat guy than a firefly guy. I like the weenie/pumpy sails more than the grunty/catapulty sails LOL

Anonymous said...

$700+ for a 4.2 ?!?!?
That's getting pretty absurd. I could see that for maybe a 8.5 or larger Race sail but for a tiny wave sail? Come on!

George Markopoulos said...

love the green one, don't care for the other.

ya'll have to go to the loop clinic. it'll get you around

Andy said...

Aaron, I'm a wimpy "slippery" guy, too... But for freestyling or onshore waves, that firefly is looking pretty danged sweet!!

I like the green, too, George, and I have to admit, in person the purple is actually pretty cool looking!

Anon, I put the price on there to get you used to seeing those numbers. Sails have cost about that much for the last two years now. Cost of materials, shipping, economic conditions, etc have created the "perfect storm" and the industry just can't suck up the lower prices of yesterday anymore. Even at $700 it's very challenging for anyone involved to make a livable wage, so your comment is actually kind of insulting to me. If it weren't for the sacrifices of the people involved in getting this sail to market, you'd still be on a battenless 70 square foot original windsurfer sail from 1980, so, suck it up, dude, and support the sport!

Sorry for the blunt response... but your comment was equally as blunt...