Thursday, September 25, 2008

Feeling Worked!

15 windsurfing sessions in 11 straight days has me just about worn out!! We've seen everything from 5.7m wave schlogs to holding on for dear life on a 4.2m at the Hole. Cloudless sunshine, to dumping rain with lightning and thunder. We've seen clear roads turn to rivers of saltwater and sand gushing across the Route 12 lifeline. At the moment, we're stranded by overwash at Pea Island, and high winds have shut the ferries down. The only way off the island is to windsurf across the Pamlico Sound to Stumpy Point : )

Here's a few pictures from the other day, down on the South side. George took a few minutes out of the action to snap 'em off! Thanks, George! For more complete, day by day reports of the Hatteras Wave Fest action, check out George's blog, live2sail.

I'm driving down the line

Under the lip

Stuart smacking one

and sneaking out past a meaty one!

Ken on a nice one!


Stuart lining up on a nice one!

More action to come, I'm sure! There's more wind in the forecast (although it's not the most trustworthy direction). If we can get to the Cove, and if the East wind materializes, we'll have unreal conditions to run the Wave Fest contest!! But that's a lot of "ifs"........


Ken Kellar said...

I'm back in Maryland. What a great event! 6 days in a row of wave sailing followed by a day of blasting on the sound! I think that makes it my best Hatteras trip ever since 1985. Thanks so much for the wave sailing clinic, gear advice and all the on site tips. You've got me to start looking at the breaking lip as a source of fun rather than just a possible source of carnage. I hope to make it back down in October.

See you on the water!
Ken K

Andy said...

Hey Ken, glad you had a great time! That was a pretty epic couple of days, you definitely scored, big time!

See ya next time around!