Monday, May 19, 2008

Casted and Flabbergasted

So the hand is all casted, splinted, and aligned. No surgery neccesary, all I have to do is take it easy for the next few weeks. The doc thinks I can have it removed by the Loop Off, so watch out kids!! You ain't gonna get off that easy for the competition! : ) And thanks to everyone for the kind words and encouragement!

Turns out I'm not the only one all busted up right now! Stuart broke his ankle landing a big jump in some nasty chop down at Isabel's on Sunday... He's been to the ER, but hasn't seen a specialist yet, so no news as to how long his recovery will be. Good luck, man!! Keep us informed!

Moving on to the second topic:

Aaargh! Please stop being idiots regarding the beach closures! Vandalism of the signs proves nothing and hurts everyone. Another Press Release was sent out yesterday from the NPS:

Second Act of Vandalism of Shorebird Closure Fencing

A second vandalism incident to a signed resource protection area was discovered by Cape Hatteras National Seashore staff on Friday, May 16 th , 2008. Park staff found over 1,500 feet of fence protecting an American Oystercatcher nest had been damaged. This closure area is located on the ocean side of Hatteras Island, about .8 of a mile north of Buxton in a pedestrian use only zone. The park ranger called to investigate the vandalism found that 20 fence posts had been broken, five signs pulled out of the sand, and three carsonite closure signs are missing. The ranger documented one set of bare footprints going from post to post on the beach and then into the dune area. The footprints entered the closure area; however, the nest appeared undisturbed. Over 1,300 feet of fencing was damaged on the west side of the dune and about 274 feet combined on the north and south sides on the open beach.

A recent Consent Decree related to shorebird and sea turtle protection at Cape Hatteras National Seashore requires the National Park Service to automatically expand the closure area by 50 meters if a confirmed deliberate act disturbs or harasses wildlife or vandalizes fencing, nests, or plants. Park staff documented the site and expanded the closure 50 meters (164 feet) to the south as ordered in the Consent Decree. This closure expansion is located in a pedestrian only area and will not affect ORV users.

Destruction of government property and entering a resource closure are federal criminal violations, each subject to up to a $5,000. fine and up to six months imprisonment.

For more information, call 252-473-2111 ext. 148.



Catapulting Aaron said...

Earth to Andy -- the blogosphere misses you...

Anonymous said...

how can we be sure it isn't the other side,enviro bird loving I don't think that people should be driving on the beach people going out at night and destroying the fence to increase the area. It's a lose/lose situation for beach users. The enclosures can only be increased in size, if a strong Noreaster comes through and wipes out all the nests, is the enclosure removed due to the absence of nests.

Drew said...

Hey anonymous - prior to the consent decree if a storm came through and blew out the nests the closure area would be reopened but now after the consent decree the closure area remains closed although I'm not sure about how long.

Charles said...

Make that three casts for the weekend. I was planning on heading down Saturdaynight to try and catch the Sunday/Monday wind and swell. Then Dominique broke her tibia sliding into 3rd base at her softbare game. She decided on a hot pink cast. If we see you this weekend she'll let you sign it.

Andy said...

Aaron- yeah, ummm, sorry...

anon- who knows?

Drew- thanks for the update!

Charles: Bummer! Ah well, at least she'll heal fast at her age! I've gotta ask: How's the healthcare experience up there in the real world compared to down here?

Dominique: Keep off that leg and you'll heal in no time! Good luck!