Wednesday, September 2, 2009

First NE of the Fall!

I love this time of year... It seems like we always get the first good batch of Northeast wind sometime in late August or early September, and this year is not letting us down!

So, we all love that consistent summer SW wind... but the NE... is so comfortably cool and crisp feeling! I mean, it's still 80 degrees out, and the water's warm, but the humidity is all but gone. It's a welcome change...

It started to hit Monday evening, so Stuart, Dave, Dale and I caught a late sesh at the Hole, 5.5 and freestyle board, lovin' life (but sailing like poop). Same thing Tuesday morning, but I sailed much better. Here are a few pics from the GoPro boom cam:

Yup, sailing like poop! haha But hey, if you're not falling you're not trying hard enough, right??

Later in the afternoon, the waves started to bump up a notch, so Keith, Donny, Dave, Jim K, Stuart, and I went to the Lighthouse. We shared the water with a few kiters, surfers, boogie boarders, skimboarders, and swimmers... Etiquette was high on the priority list all the way around. Cheers!

Here are a few pics of Keith that I shot within 45 seconds of getting to the beach:

Needless to say, I rigged up pretty quickly thereafter... 5.0 and the Pocket 80. It was a bit light in the current on the inside, but overall it was a pretty sweet setup. Got some great jumps off, and a few really fun waves... Multiple turns, frontside and back... The Lighthouse is such a FUN place to sail!! So fun, that I couldn't be bothered to stop, for about 3 hours straight! I was starting to feel fatigued, when I heard a *pop* and looked down to see that my harness spreader bar had broken! Well, if I was tired before, that last reach back to the beach without a harness really took it out of me... Cramped forearms, biceps seizing up, the whole nine yards... But it was definitely all worth it, as the sailing was top notch fun!!

So, I stretched out and took pictures of Stuart in the fading sun. Check out the Stuart Show:

Loopin' off the first ramp... Good Man!

I love this picture!!

Big File if you want a new desktop

Another Big File

Yeah, loving the NE!! More today, hopefully tomorrow, and maybe even Friday too!! Yeah.... Fall in Hatteras!!!!!!!!! Woohooooo!!!!!!

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George Markopoulos said...

Yeah I love those downwind shots too. Nice to have the wave between the camera and the sailor. A differremnt perspective