Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Summer's Here!

What a beautiful weekend we just had here on Hatteras Island! I traded in the windsurfing gear for surfboards and SUPs as the wind lightened up quite a bit, although there were some brief moments of plane-able breeze if you knew where to look. It's been so freaking windy lately, though, that I was happy to just go surf it up in the knee to chest high waves. We've got a magic little bar here in Avon that seems to be picking up just about any little bit of swell... But I'm not giving up any secrets so don't bother asking! hahaha, just kidding... The more the merrier, as far as I'm concerned :)

I decided to put the Starboard Drive 10'5" SUP into demo for a some of the W.E.T. group who wanted to try it out... And boy am I glad I did (because that means that I get to ride it now, too)! Man that board is sweet! It's nice and surfy, fast, and very well balanced, which makes it super easy to ride. I definitely surfed out of a few completely ridiculous situations/positions that I never would've pulled off on any other board I've ever ridden... Period. 'Nuff said. Come try it out for yourself!

Starboard Drive 10'5" SUP

The Dims and Responsible Parties


I can't wait for a tiny bit of breeze so that I can toss a sail on the thing and see how she does... I can only imagine that it'll rip, based on it's paddle performance!! Anyway, it was fun sharing a few waves with everyone (Anne, Tim, Stuart, Kevin, Dan, Wendy, Mac, Wendy and Roland, Drew, the guy from Montreal with the Imagine Eco-Surfboards, among others)... Hopefully that little swell will keep doing it's thing...

Looks like potential for a little SW build Thursday and Friday... Keep your eyes on it!


George Markopoulos said...

That board is sweet. Thats the one you showed me the shop? the handle makes it super easy to carry under your arm right?

Andy-thxs for the heli-tack pointers last year. I'm seriously getting good at them. Not my signature move yet, but very usedful

Waterturtle said...

yeah Andy...I enjoyed it out there at that magical spot with you and Anne...even if only for a short bit. You were getting some nice rides on that board. See you next time!

Andy said...

Hey George- Yeah the boards aren't heavy, they're just too big to wrap your arm around... so that handle makes it a thousand times easier to carry. Glad the helis are coming along- getting backwinded is a very useful skill to have!

Yeah Mac, that was fun! It's too bad our timing was off on the other mornings (as in, I slept in too late... haha)! Hope to see you soon, maybe with a boom in our hands next time!